Bianchi Bikes designed in Italy using the most advanced materials130 years in the making with many legends along the way, Coppi-Gimondi-Pantani-Ulriich to name a few with the flair and passion since 1885 using the most advanced technology..
The main target of Bianchi is the brand global leadership in the cycling sector, with the immediate draw to the most authentic made in Italy tradition, through:
- suitable production, developing products with advanced technological content;
- focused commercial strategies;
- effective communication, that increase its legendary and global brand visibility.
The brand drivers of Bianchi are: innovation, exclusiveness, quality, design and passion.
A passion that leads Bianchi to be always present in the most important competition with excellent media visibility, contracting successful partnerships with high-level international cycling teams. Bianchi is a proud sponsor of the professional road cycling teams Lotto.NL-Jumbo, equipped with Oltre XR.2, Infinito CV and Aquila CV models, and INpa Sottoli-Bianchi-Giusfredi, equipped with the Dama BIanca ve Bianchi rsion of OLtre XR.2. Bianchi is also owner of -i.idro Drain MTB team, that competes with Methanol 27 or 29 SL and Methanol 29 FS.


Bianchi has seen many changes over the 130 year history to the modern day factory.

Bianchi has advanced testing facilities to ensure each bicycle frame meets stringent controls.

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