Merida Road Bikes

Merida Road Bikes designed in Germany MERIDA’s first step towards the WorldTour: When we introduced our new SCULTURA for Season 2013, it was clear: This dreamlike carbon construction is just good enough to help professional road racers perform on top-level. And it was designed exactly for that purpose! The elite squad of the TEAM LAMPRE-MERIDA was enthused by the new SCULTURA’s performance and got ready to do their best on the new working tool.
The history of every MERIDA bike begins just about 100 km away from the place where the history of the bicycle started in 1817: Directly outside of Stuttgart, the heart of Germany’s vehicle development stronghold is not only the home of technology leaders like Porsche or Mercedes-Benz – also the designers and engineers of the MERIDA R&D department are located there. Here, all MERIDA bikes are invented, planned and constructed for international distribution in 68 countries of the world.


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