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JetBlack Products is a 100% home grown Australian company that has a simple philosophy; “The best products at the best prices.” We now supply many quality products to road riders, mountain bikers, triathletes and recreational cyclists. JetBlack began life in 1996 and in that short time we have become one of the major players in the world cycling market. This philosophy has been consistent from the very first JetBlack product, the Superlight mountain bike pedals. These pedals have been so successful that we still sells them today and since that time the product line has increased to over 60 items. These are as varied as photochromatic sunglasses to brake pads or from rollers to grips. JetBlack are somewhat unique in the cycling world as we not only design and manufacture our own cycling products and distribute them to over 38 countries world-wide.
JetBlack staff are serious bike riders, competing in all disciplines, road, XC, downhill and triathlon. This means that the products are designed for riders, by riders. All JetBlack products are intensively tested by JetBlack staff and many of their sponsored riders prior to giving the OK for full manufacture, so you know they’ll perform the way you need them to.
Create and Innovate – The heartbeat of JetBlack Cycling

Stationary trainers are the heart and soul of the JetBlack company and there’s a good chance that you will have seen one of our distinctive orange and black designs in your local bike shop. Top of the line is the Z1, a fluid trainer with genuine progressive resistance. The design of this trainer is so good that it received the prestigious International IF Design and Innovation award at the 2012 Taipei Cycle Show. JetBlack won the prize again in 2013 with the JetBox top tube mounting, fuel bag. This bag’s unique design and magnetic closure system allows easy access on the bike without the need to slow down. It is sure to be a hit with triathletes and time triallists alike.

Innovation and affordability is the heartbeat of JetBlack. We aim to provide the best products at the best prices. JetBlack products are conceived and designed in Australia before being manufactured. We completely control the manufacturing process so you can be sure of the quality control of each and every product. This control also allows us to keep price to a minimum.


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