Performance-centred bicycle frames designed for the discerning cyclist
and the competitive bicycle racer.
Spirit and passion are the basic ingredients of every Bowman Cycles frame kit. Our company philosophy, each of our four initial bicycle frame concepts, and all of the refined details therein were conceived astride the saddle of a bicycle. The initial concept has matured into a range of bicycle frames designed to provide the ride and performance characteristics that the committed cyclist demands. Racers and discerning riders alike have one thing in common: the need for great handling. Get this right and the pleasure of the ride is guaranteed.
We at Bowman love bicycle racing. We experience the same visceral thrill pinning a race number onto our own jersey as we do when we witness a professional peloton pass by at full tilt. We’ve taken part in enough bike races of all types to know exactly what the serious racing cyclist requires from their bicycle. We’re of the opinion that if you haven’t served your time – practiced your holeshot, battled for your rightful position in an aggressive bunch, forced the pace to forge a winning move – you won’t be able to gain a true understanding of the perfect alchemical balance of requirements.
Having been involved in virtually all disciplines of cycle sport for three decades, all the innumerable hard miles have influenced the design criteria for each Bowman frame concept. Leaving tyre tracks in the frost early on frozen December mornings, being soaked to the skin by sudden spring showers, squinting through salt stung eyes only ten kilometres into an seemingly endless alpine climb. Each and every time we ride we’re keenly attuned to the experience, attentive to the possibility of a new insight, which might have the potential to improve the riding experience. Every ride is therefore a lesson just as much as it is a pleasure.
The stereotypical aims of contemporary bike frame design – weight reduction, increased stiffness, improved aerodynamics – each of these factors may be mathematically calculable. However, the true spirit of a bicycle can only really be honed and perfected by those capable of balancing the numbers and the passion. Every cyclist will have experienced a day when their ‘good legs’ were attached. At Bowman cycles, we strive to ensure every ride atop one of our bike frames feels like the best ride you ever had.
 All of which is why our company motto is ‘Ride With Spirit’.

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