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Bianchi Arcadex
Gravel Bike

The Arcadex gravel bike perfectly combines an emotional communion with nature, and the exhilarating rush of Bianchi racing DNA.

The sculpted Arcadex gravel specific carbon fibre frame is incredibly resposive and primed to perform as soon as you pudh the pedals.

Take the instinct to explore and push your limits and combine it with the speed and feel of your favourite road bike and you have the Arcadex.


•    Internal frame routing allows for all cables to be cleaned up and kept out of harms way.
•    The frame design has been aerodynamically optimised for performance, while still allowing clearance for up to 42mm tyres.

•    Eyelets for mudguards, so the Arcadex can be easily transformed into a high-speed bike packing machine

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For more information on delivery times please contact us.

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