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Orro Bikes designed in the UK using the most advanced Carbon Fiber materials at Orro we feel that bikes and riding gear should be designed specifically to excel at the types of riding they will be used for in the real world. We use our, more than 50 years combined, experience in the cycling industry, with a large amount of riding knowledge, to tailor our bikes and products to meet and exceed the expectations of you, the rider.

Out of this ethos we deliver you products that offer superior performance, comfort and style so you can reach your potential and savour every mile.

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Our knowledge and technology investment is a key area where we endeavour to excel. This may be as simple as choosing and designing bikes for slightly wider tyres to improve grip and reduce rolling resistance. However, we also go into the deep technical detail where needed such as proprietary carbon fibre blends which aren’t simple but they allow us to tune the perfect ride feel, performance and comfort.

We know that having bikes and riding gear that exhibit refined performance in their design is important to you. While we would never sacrifice performance for style, we ensure that our bikes possess ‘head-turning’ looks in their contours, and the subtle imagery highlights the design. Your Orro bike or gear will be sure to instigate numerous admiring glances.

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