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Tifosi Bikes designed in the UK using the most advanced technical materials all Tifosi frames are specially prepared in Belgium for harsh European climates. With the anti salt corrosion priming, two coats of enamel and one coat of lacquer, this frame will long outlast its 2-year paintwork warranty.

Best known in Europe, the Tifosi are fervent supporters of sport – primarily motor racing and cycle racing. When Chicken patented the Tifosi name for their exclusive use within the EU the first Tifosi bikes were in 7005 Mega-tube oversize alloy.

This was 12 years ago and they created considerable interest. They were very lightweight compared with the majority of U.K. produced bikes. Chicken had all the necessary European components in stock with which to complete the bike build, having traded with its suppliers for many years – in the case of Selle Italia since 1978.It was not long before magazine editors were singing the praises of the new Tifosi brand.

The bikes were custom builds, tailored to consumer requirement in terms of crank length, handlebar width, stem length as well as specific colour saddles, tyres and handlebar tape. A choice of Tifosi or Columbus carbon forks was also available .The components were well known brands popular amongst road riders.

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"Whilst some hide the cost saving – and excess weight – in lesser componentry there are others whose offerings strike a good balance of lightweight, reliability and price with no obvious shortcuts"

"What a stunner this CK3 Tifosi is – 5/5 for Performance & Value"

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By 2004 there was a wide choice of Campagnolo or Shimano equipped bikes – the CK2, CK3 Race, CK4 in Altec 2+ alloy, CK5 7005 SL Carbon, CK6 Aero TT and what was to prove the most popular of all – the CK7 Touring / Audax. This model is still available today. The CK8 was chosen as runner-up in the Cycling Weekly 2005, Performance Bike of the Year. In 2008 the CK7 Audax had a first ride and overall 9/10 rating from the same magazine. 

Full reviews on the bikes mentioned are available. Specs have changed but the format of Tifosi is still the same. Miche and Campagnolo components and wheels are normally fitted as are Cinelli and Deda handlebars, stems and bike ribbon.

The range on offer today is tried and tested. The stock build format chosen is the one most suited to the frame category. All our frames are guaranteed so the cyclist looking towards the future can equip an expensive frame with less expensive components and then trade up. Other Tifosi branded merchandise of the highest quality include complete bike bags, drinking bottles, also carbon and alloy componentry.

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